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Constituents & Constraints

Hey guys! It's been a minute since I have blogged about anything. I had to take a step back to just reflect on where God was leading me and what I am truly called to do. I know for sure now that I am supposed to write, so I have started back writing. I finished my very first book, "Latter Reign" this year and it will be officially released on October 15th! I am SO EXCITED!!! And so very grateful to God for allowing me to write my story and publish it.

I do believe that this book will help those who are seeking to know God more intimately - even when you have screwed up! God took me through a process called the wilderness and after coming through, He told me to write about it so that others may understand that just because you are a Christ follower, does NOT mean that you will be perfect! It's quite the contrary. He is taking out the imperfect you (you know her, the Miss think-she's-got-it-going-on) and is perfecting you according to His plan for your life. He is, after-all, the Creator and He definitely knows how He fashioned you to become in this earth.

On top of this book, I have been very busy working on a project that the Lord placed in me to do this year as well, and so we have planned a retreat for women this fall! I am so humbled that he chose me for such a special work, and am so very thankful that He trusts me with this project.

I really didn't want to rattle on about what I've been doing but I felt led to tell you, because I have been like an absent sibling in the Kingdom of God. My deepest apologies!

This morning as I was driving to work, the Lord dropped two words in my spirit and started sharing His heart with me and I am led to now share this word with you. The words are constituents and constraints: hence the title to this blogpost. When I arrived at work immediately went in to look up these words. I am a "wordie" like some people are "foodies" so I really get so much enjoyment from the meanings of words. You can really understand people when you really get the words they are speaking - but I digress.

A constituent is a word which comes from the word constitute, which means to “make up”. This words shares the Latin root of constituent, which means “to compose” as in a part that makes up a larger whole. An example would be a politicians’ electorate is made up of individual constituent voters. In the Kingdom of God every born again blood washed believer is a constituent in the Body of Christ. We are each individual parts which make up the whole. 1 Corinthians 12:12 which says we are one body being many; so also is Christ. We are His constituents in the earth and as we go forth in Christ, we are his ambassadors and representatives.

What is a constraint? A constraint is a limit or restriction. Stiffness of manner and inhibition in relations between people. Here the constraint is between God and you.

What are the restraints God is speaking about here? The mind holds constraints.

God spoke to me this morning and said “Remove the constraints so you can become My constituents. Some of the people who are called by My name and have humbled themselves and sought My face and turned from the wickedness of their ways and they have repented. But they are still bound up by the constraints, and the constraints are the things which hold them back in their minds from a complete trust and surrender in Me and I AM looking for My people to take off the constraints of their mind, to unshackle their minds to make their minds free In Christ, and freely surrender and be in Me as I AM asking them to be.

It is not a hard thing to trust the Lord when you can see things happening, but it becomes difficult for you to have trust in the Lord when your mind is constrained by religious mindsets, by legalism, by the blindness of the enemy, by the deceptions of this world. You cannot free your mind to be free in Christ Jesus entangled in these things. For whom the Son has set free is truly free indeed.

And you must understand that there is freedom in Christ. But some don’t understand that they have freedom. They are still walking around in mindsets of slavery."

You should not be slaves to the former things, for God is doing a new thing now and the former things have passed away. Isaiah 42:9 and Is. 43:19.

Whenever there is a new time and a new dispensation in the Kingdom of God there is also a new and living way which the Lord begins to direct His people - His constituents to walk in. If you are continuing in the old ways of doing things, you will falter and not be aware of what He is doing. He needs you to become enlightened by the Spirit of God within you. He is saying that you want to be free, but you do not know how. So, He is sending this message to say to set Him Free in your minds. Allow the constraints to come off you. That everything is possible to them that believe according to Mark 9:23, Jesus said to him, “[You say to Me,] ‘If You can?’ All things are possible for the one who believes and trusts [in Me]!” - Amplified Bible

I will come back next week with part two of this blogpost, so for now, let these words marinate and I'll return with the second half of this very important word of the Lord.


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