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Leading a Disciplined Life

How many times have you began a project, or a new eating or fitness plan only to give up in a few short days or weeks? For me it was my lack of consistency with nutrition and fitness which took me to places in my health that I never thought I’d go. I hit a place in my health where the doctor said I was diabetic with hypertension, and very high cholesterol.

I took for granted that I was being warned. I went through several years of visits to the cardiologist, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapies trying to get a fix to help my body when I was the real problem. By “I” I mean my inner self. My faulty thinking was hindering me from having a healthy life. She, Falsie I call her, was sabotaging me. I couldn’t stop eating the wrong food and I didn’t know why. I would do great for a while and lose up to 15-20 lbs., and then I’d gain it ALL back. I tried every diet: HCG diet, Dukan, weight watchers, keto, vegetarian, paleo, ovo-vegetarian, the cabbage diet, the egg, diet, fasting, etc. You name it, I tried it and to no avail.

Then one day, I was watching a woman on YouTube who adopted a vegan lifestyle and she is an advocate for a whole foods plant based diet. She recommended a few books on the subject and I immediately purchased them. Something inside of me clicked. I have been waiting on the “click” to come to me for practically my whole overweight life. I used to hear people talk about the “click” like it was some magical change by the snap of a finger – but that is not it at all.

There was a shift in my thinking. I sat and thought about the ways I was destroying myself. I also thought about the type of life and healthy lifestyle I wanted to adopt. This seemed to me in my inner heart to be the right way to go. But still, I had to deal with the thoughts in my mind which told me I would not change. I had to become disciplined in the areas of my health and mindset.

Discipline takes being uncomfortable in order to grow, transform and change. I developed the attitude to do it anyway - even when I didn't want to. I had to eat better, move my body and take better care of me. It took that moment of decision to help me start the journey, but I knew I needed help. Prayer was key to my success in achieving a healthy life.

Jesus said in John 10 that he came that we might have a life of abundance, but it is ultimately up to us (John 10:10, King James version). How we walk this journey out is something that depends on two things: our relationship with the Creator and ourselves. But how can you have a healthy, abundant life if your mind doesn't shift and change? My relationship with Jesus is real and it is something that I place as priority over everything. I knew I could have victory - I had to apply discipline with Christ's help to see change.

Have you felt that way about your health? Your life? Do you sense that something is hindering you from coming forward and being and living in health and true authenticity? Do you have a Falsie living inside of you? What thoughts do you need to have to come to your 'ah-ha' moment and begin the journey towards health, and authentic wholeness?

Here are some ways you can begin to get rid of 'Falsie' and begin to understand yourself and what you need from you:

Acknowledgment. You have to acknowledge there is something going on inside and desire to change. You have to recognize the signs given to you and acknowledge it is there. Once you do this – and it takes courage to see yourself in a light that is not attractive – you have overcome the first obstacle off falsehood looming in your heart.

Journaling. Congratulations on seeing yourself in a real light and having the ability to recognize those things in you that are not pretty. Now, journal it. Write down the first things that come into your mind and let it “dump” onto the paper – or the computer, or however you want to get it out of you. Getting the dirt out of your heart makes room for the real you to peek through and begin to come out of hiding. During this time, make sure that you are truly journaling the truth…however it appears, let it come forth and then you can go on to the next step.

Reflection. Reflection exercises are like a mirror that you hold up in front of you and look at yourself in light of what you journaled. This is where you answer these questions:

o What? – Asks you what happened for this to occur in my life? What was the real cause? What were the circumstances behind this?

o Why? – Asks you why it occurred? Why do you let it happen? Why is it still bothering you? Etc. All the why’s of your what’s can get you to the next step.

o Where? – Asks where did it come from? Where am I going with this? Where is this hurting or helping me? Then comes the when.

o When? – Asks when did this come into my life? When did I notice it? When did I bury it?

o Who? - Asks who is this hurting or helping? Who am I blaming for this? Who was responsible for this?

o How? – Asks how do I gain from this? How do I move forward? How can I get through this? How can I get over this?

Acceptance/Rejection. This is the area where you discover what is truly real for you. At this stage you are ready to move forward, and you began to let go or take on the characteristic of what you really desire to become. You reject anything or anyone negative and you accept and receive into yourself that which is positive and true.

Renewal. This point is when you begin to change your thoughts in those area(s) about you. You no longer want to be that old person in that old way of thinking. You continually affirm and reaffirm your new thoughts by introducing yourself to things which enhance you. You engage in new activities, new people, a new atmosphere, and you will begin to attract those things which enhance your authentic thoughts and you will begin to walk it out daily. During this stage you may lose or gain people, etc., and fear may try to come upon you to prevent you from going forward.

Remember desire invokes prayer. Prayer invokes choices and decisions. Decisions invoke discipline. Discipline invokes growth, transformation, and change.

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