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My Life, My Story - Your Help, His Glory!

Welcome to My Blog!

My Life, My story.

Hello world! I am DeNise and I want to tell you why I'm here. I first want to say that I am a writer. I have been writing since the age of 17, and I love to capture moments on paper. Simply put, I'm here to talk to women everywhere about us! I know that there are many blogs and vlogs etcetera, etcetera...and we all have something to say, but I want to speak to the woman who is still in discovery. I was there - for a very long time. It took me all of my adult life to really discover and uncover the woman I see inside. You know who she is right? That woman who is fiercely courageous, boldy attractive, and confidently secure in her being. That is not who I was. I was just the opposite: small and fearful, insecure and hidden, and uncomfortable around others. I walked around masking and smiling but hurting inside.

My Why.

So why am I here? Simply put, because I recognize you! I recognize the woman you want to become and I want to help you to discover the real you! I want the real you to Please Stand Up and be counted! If you are like me, you want to have all the best things that life can offer. You want the best relationships, the best vocation, the best life's know, all the things!

My What.

What will I bring to the blog? Me! I will share my life and my experiences as a woman, a wife, a mom, grandmom, friend, sister, and Kingdompreneur (Kingdom entrepreneur)! Every other week, I'll write a letter to you! In my letter (blog) I'll be sharing my life with you. So be on the look-out for a message of hope, discovery, information, and sister-sharing. I'll give you my tips on discovering your vision/dreams, and hopefully, you can take my successes, my trip-ups and my epic fails and learn from them.

Until Then...

So that's it! This is my calling from the Lord and I want to help you in any way I can to discover yours. In all that I do, I want to serve Christ and help women everywhere be your best - at your best! What topics do you want me to talk about? Let me know by subscribing and joining my online community the Flourishing Life Women! We are a sisterhood of women who want to live lives which flourish and never fade! Come be with us and lets get together and help one another thrive!

Don't forget to Subscribe! I'll have some great things coming up so stay tuned in!

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